Terms of personal data protection

Privacy policy

We fully respect everyone's right to privacy and protection personal data. Maximum security when processing your personal data data and at the same time their protection is a matter of course in our company, na which you can rely on.

In order to guarantee the protection of all your personal data with which in our work we will come into contact, we adopted technical, organizational as well as personnel measures in accordance with the European Regulation of the EU Parliament and Council 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data and on the free movement of this data, which directive 95/46 / EC (regulation on the protection of personal data, hereinafter referred to as "GDPR") and also that all these measures of ours in accordance with Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on personal data protection and change and amendments to some laws as amended (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Data Protection Act").

It is important to us that everyone who uses the services of our company was informed about the reasons and methods of personal data processing, about the methods of handling personal data, as well as the rights that he in connection with the processing of personal data, the law determines. In this document we provide you with all the necessary information regarding the above the mentioned areas.

In connection with the measures taken on we adhere to strict rules for the protection of personal data, which stipulate, which employee of the company fabrika.digital s.r.o. has access to personal data, as well as which of your personal data is authorized to process.

1. Who is the operator of your personal data?

The operator of personal data is the company fabrika.digital s.r.o., with registered office Sebechleby 1, Sebechleby SK-962 66, ID: 53 014 618, registered in OR OS Banská Bystrica, Department: Sro Insert number: 38587/S

You can exercise your rights at this email address: info@fabrika.digital.

2. What personal data do we process?

In our company, we only work with the personal data that we enable the provision of services within the scope of our activity, i.e. process the order of our customers in terms of administration and delivery so that to comply with our legal obligations and also to protect our legitimate interests.

3. For what purposes do we process personal data?

Personally we process our clients' data for the purpose of providing goods and services in the scope of our activity. We characterize individual purposes as follows:

Data processing based on contract performance

Personally we process the data for the purpose of concluding a contract between the customer and ours the customer, and us, as a supplier, when using our services. IN in that case, personal data is processed only to the extent that it is necessary for the conclusion and performance of the relevant contract. It is mainly about fulfillment of the subject of the contract, customer support, contract management and records participants.

The provision of personal data is for this purpose completely voluntary by the customer, but is necessary for a successful closing contract and its subsequent performance. We wouldn't be able to without this data conclude a contract with the client and fulfill the obligations and rights arising from it.

Data processing for marketing purposes

The offer of products and services of the company fabrika.digital s.r.o.. Offers to you on based on your consent, we can send electronically, especially in the form e-mails, or in the form of a message on a social network, if this form is available more acceptable for you.

Sending information emails containing business offers, articles and information from the activities of the company fabrika.digital s.r.o.

Consent for marketing purposes is voluntary. But it is necessary so that we can provide you with offers for the services of fabrika.digital s.r.o.. We cannot provide individual offers of goods and services. You can revoke your consent repeatedly by e-mail to: info@fabrika.digital

4. Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or on a mobile device when visiting our website. It's ours among other things (depending on the type of cookies), it enables the website to remember si Your recent activities and user preferences, e.g. accessible data, language, font size or display settings of our website pages for a certain period of time, so that the next time you visit the website, it does not it is necessary to set these preferences again.

Automatic processing takes place when you visit our website some of your data, e.g. information about the used internet browser and operating system, about the domain of websites from which to you access our site, the number of visits, the average time spent browsing specific pages, etc. This data is stored for purposes monitoring the attractiveness of our pages, as well as for the purpose of improving them functional and content settings. This is also where our rightful lies interest, which is the legal reason for processing your data. K processing of the above data takes place using files cookies, IP addresses and other technical tools that enable evaluate what parts of our website are popular, what you visitors to our websites browse and how much time on these websites spend. Cookies consist of information, which the web server sends and stores in your internet browser. This information is then sent back to the web server on each visiting our website. This allows the web server identify and track your internet browser. Cookies files, which are used by the Operator, are classified among the so-called technical cookies, which are necessary to monitor data transmissions for the purpose adapting our website to the needs of visitors.

When you visit our website, you have the option to accept the use cookies using the consent button. If your consent you do not confirm or if you disable the use of cookies, you will have the same access to our website as if you have expressed your consent, resulting in less accurate data for our purposes, ie for website optimization purposes. We further note that even though you accept the use of cookies, you can use them from your Internet delete the browser at any time. In that case, you will be at the re-examination visiting our website again invited to comment above of said consent.

We further analyze the use of our website through Google Analytics services. Google Analytics collects information about using our portal with the help of cookies. Collected information relating to our website is used to creating comprehensive reports on their use. Privacy policy Google data is available at: https://policies.google.com/privacy.

5. How long do we store your personal data?

We process personal data necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract during the period duration of the contractual relationship and the following 10 years from termination contractual relationship, when generally binding laws require it from us regulations, especially the VAT Act in connection with the archiving of tax documents containing your data.

Personal data obtained on the basis of consent will be processed up to or until withdrawal of consent by the customer, i.e. for the duration of the customer's interest to fulfill the purpose of their processing, e.g. for the duration of interest in income newsletter.

After the specified time, the personal data will be deleted, with an exception data that we can in the sense of generally binding legal regulations continue to process in the interest of defending our legal claims.

6. Where do we get personal data from?

We obtain personal data:

  • directly from the client upon conclusion, during the duration and performance of the contract
  • directly from the client by granting consent to sending information emails
  • from other persons to whom the client has given consent

7. How can you withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes?

Consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes is based on voluntary, for this reason the client can revoke it at any time. if you are the client does not wish to receive an offer from us, he can inform us of this fact inform by e-mail at info@fabrika.digital

What should the withdrawal of consent contain?

Who files the appeal. Enter your first name, last name and e-mail address.

Indicate that you do not wish us to further process your personal data at marketing purposes. You can revoke your consent in general (it will apply for all marketing activities), or specify which ones marketing activities are subject to appeal.

Address the appeal to fabrika.digital s.r.o.

Withdrawal of consent is also possible by using the link provided for this purpose placed at the end of each marketing message you receive from us in electronic form.

How can you send an appeal?

You can send a withdrawal of consent by e-mail to: info@fabrika.digital

Withdrawal of consent is also possible by using the link provided for this purpose placed at the end of each marketing message you receive from us in electronic form.

8. What rights does the client have in relation to the processing of personal data?

We place great emphasis on respecting the rights of our customers. In connection with by processing your personal data, you are entitled to claim the following rights:

Provision of information on the processing of personal data

It primarily concerns the identity and contact details of the operator, purposes processing and categories of data, information about the recipient or about categories of recipients of personal data, information on the transfer of personal data data to third countries, period of storage of personal data, authorizations operators, calculation of your rights, possibility to contact the Office at personal data protection, source of processed personal data, information, whether and how automated decision-making and profiling occurs.

Right of access to data

The customer has the right to confirm whether his personal data is or is not processed. In the event that personal data is processed, he has the right to access to information about the purposes of processing, about categories of affected data, about the recipients and the period of storage of personal data. He also has the customer the right to information about his rights, as well as the right to file complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection. It arises at the same time for the client the right to access information about the source of personal data, whether automated decision making and profiling occurs as well to information and guarantees in case of transfer of personal data to a third party country or international organization. The customer has the right to provision of a copy of processed personal data.

Right to rectification ​

In the event that your personal changed the data, as a result of which Be Lenka would process Outdated or inaccurate personal data, you can inform us and we yours we will correct the registered personal data.

Right to erasure ​

We are obliged to provide personal data in certain cases established by law at the customer's instruction delete. Exercising the right to erasure results in our obligation to evaluate, whether the conditions required by law for deletion are met, to what extent in some cases established by law, we are obliged to provide personal data keep and archive for the period specified by law, despite that the client would request to delete the given data.

Right to restriction of data processing

he right to You have the opportunity to exercise the limitation of data processing if you you wish us to process the personal data provided by you exclusively for necessary legal reasons, or you request that we your personal data blocked.

Right to data portability

If the customer requests that we provide his personal data to another company, has the possibility to ask us to transfer his personal data in corresponding format. We will do so in the event that they are not in it for us prevent any legal or other significant obstacles.

The right to object to automated individual decision-making ​

In the event that the customer believes or discovers that his personal data is processed in violation of the protection of his private and personal life, or that we process his personal data in violation of applicable legislation, we ask that you contact us with a request for clarification or removal of the resulting unsatisfactory state. He can also raise an objection directly against automated decision making.

The right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection

With any suggestion or complaint regarding processing personal data, the client can contact the Office for Personal Protection data of the Slovak Republic.

Exercise of rights

The right to protect personal data provided to fabrika.digital s.r.o. are u you can apply at the e-mail address gdpr@fabrika.digital. Expression we provide free of charge. In the event that the stimulus would be disproportionate, or would has occurred repeatedly, we have the right to charge an adequate fee, which takes into account the administrative costs of providing information.

9. Who has access to your personal data?

The client gives consent to the processing of personal data to fabrika.digital Ltd.. The company has access to personal data as a controller. Access employees of the company primarily have access to personal data fabrika.digital s.r.o., personal data may also be made available to contractual intermediaries, such as programmers, e-shop administrators, delivery companies and accounting.

The contractual intermediaries are the companies that manage our system and ensure the running of the company and the functioning of its individual units parts. The company fabrika.digital s.r.o. has a contract with these intermediaries on the processing of personal data. Intermediaries are also bound by compliance with the rules for the protection of personal data, including confidentiality in order to guarantee the highest level of legal protection, which corresponds to the requirements of the legislation in force on the territory of Slovakia of the Republic.

In Sebechleby, on October 21, 2022