i510 cabinet frequency inverter

The i510 cabinet frequency inverter is a compact control cabinet device with scalable functionality. It is versatile, reliable and easy to use.

The requirements of the Ecodesign Directive are met. 

Application areas: Conveyor drives, traveling drives, pumps, fans, agitators, ... 


  • Space saving design: 60 mm wide (up to 4 kW), 130 mm deep (up to 11 kW), with zero-clearance mounting
  • Innovative interaction (e.g. over WLAN) makes new record-breaking commissioning times and convenient diagnostics a reality
  • Special user-friendliness
WLAN module for i510/i550
101.86 € 101.86 EUR
USB module for i510/i550
31.83 € 31.830000000000002 EUR
Keypad for i510/i550
44.56 € 44.56 EUR