i550 cabinet frequency inverter

The i550 cabinet frequency inverter is a compact control cabinet device with scalable functionality. The support of all common fieldbuses makes it universally applicable. It is versatile, reliable and easy to use.

The requirements of the Ecodesign Directive are met.

Application areas: Conveyor drives, traveling drives, winding drives, hoist drives, extruders, packaging machines, pumps, fans, ... 


  • Space saving design: 60 mm wide (up to 4 kW), 130 mm deep (up to 11 kW), with zero-clearance mounting.
  • Innovative interaction (e.g. over WLAN) makes new record-breaking commissioning times and convenient diagnostics a reality.
  • The modular design allows different product configurations – just as the machine requires
  • Optionally available with "Safe Torque Off (STO)" with SIL 3 (EN IEC 62061/EN IEC 61508) and Performance Level e (EN ISO 13849-1)
  • For the greatest possible flexibility available as a complete device or in individual parts (Power Unit, Control Unit and Safety Unit)

Configurator i550

WLAN module for i510/i550
101.86 € 101.86 EUR
USB module for i510/i550
31.83 € 31.830000000000002 EUR
Keypad for i510/i550
44.56 € 44.56 EUR
Not Available For Sale 0.0 EUR
Power Unit
305.56 € 305.56 EUR
50.92 € 50.92 EUR